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Hi my friend,Do you want open china market now? Do you want sale product to china now ?.It is biggest market in the world and most large population in the world.If you have good product now,we can help you sent all product to anhui,Jiang su,zhejing,shanghai within 1 day arrived in,and guangzhou,fujian hainan 3 day arrived in customer place.Tibet and Taiwan,Hongkong,Tibet 5 day arrived in customer place.

We are free fee warehouse now for you.so we hope cooperate us for long term.

IF you need this service,please contact with us no any hesitate.

Please contact with us now , we are waiting you here.

Package Forwarding

We forward the world to you!

Many shoppers feel it’s hard to shop in china; many overseas online retailers do not ship internationally or charge exorbitant rates. We can help by providing china receiving addresses for packages. When a package arrives, it will be forwarded, via leading carrier companies, to you at a lower cost.

Routes and Rates

We do not charge hidden fees and warehousing charges, you will only be charged for the chargeable weight of the shipment and 1$/Package. Use the below  link to estimate the transit time and shipping cost.

Shipping Calculator Link

Shipment Value Protection

We provides Shipment Value Protection plan for package forwarded.
SVP charge = Insured Value * 1.5%, Minimum Charge $1, Maximum Insured Value $1000. Please contact for more information.

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